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This has to be the ultimate film set prop, who hasn't heard of Doctor Who and his Tardis?
Not only is this a Dr Who Tardis, this is the very first Mk1 Tardis that was created for Pete Cushing for the film Dr Who and the Darleks and was originally constructed in 1965 at Shepperton Studios as a premier model for the cast to emerge from onto the stage.

Can we just point out that this Tardis was in terrible condition, the cill fell of in transit and when we moved it on its own original wheels the doors fell off. Sadly its been left outside and as its a 54 year old film prop that wasn't designed for the English outdoor weather.
Our intension when we originally found was to restore what we could but this ended up being impossible.

Our Own Personal set of keys that match exactly to Jennie Linden
Jennie Lindens message when we found, somewhat seen better days
For many years this iconic Prop had been stored away at the studios.
in later years this Tardis was re-built by the BBC prop department for use at Children in need 2009 at the Leicester Space Centre with Jennie Linden who plays Barbara in Dr Who and the Darleks.
Jennie signed inside the Tardis, just below the original 1965 Shepperton Studios plaque and she was also handed her very own set of keys, we have the other set.
It was sold as part of a charity auction in 2011 and has remained in a private collection ever since. 
Jennie Lindens message just after she did
Jennie Linden exiting the Tardis in 1909 at Children's in Need

When they rebuilt this Tardis, back in 2009 they clearly didn't put back together as it was originally built and i assume for quickness used a lot of "No more Nails" instead of screws. This is totally understandable giving it as being an indoor film prop that was being used for charity.
But due to how it was rebuilt and being left outside, plus its built from old 1960's plywood and pine, it would never survive and we couldn't simply restore because of all the "No more Nails" used.

We believe it was stored for just one year outside, this was because of its size and the previous owner ran out of room and stored behind his garage.     

Not only do we have original Video of this Tardis leaving the studios, the original plaque from the studios we also have the signature and message that Jennie Linden wrote on the back panel , all these can be seen with pictures on this page
The actual Tardis, looks in better condition than it was, the doors are just resting on and the back/roof are missing
The actual Tardis, looks in better condition than it was, the doors are just resting on and the back/roof are missing
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