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100 acre wood AND THE timber WE HAVE

The Hundred Acre Wood of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories is in fact Five Hundred Acre Wood in Ashdown Forest and is a real place in East Sussex, England where the Winnie-the-Pooh stories were set. 
The author of probably the most loved children books A. A. Milne's country home was at Cotchford Farm, Hartfield thats situated just north of the woods.
Even if you walk down the hill you will find Pooh bridge. Its a magical place and if you visit you will see how A A Mile's was inspired by this wonderful Beech woods.
Pooh Bridge in 100 Acre Woods
What we have is some Spalted Beech and what we managed to get was totally by chance and unplanned, one could say incredibly lucky.
We were down at Ashdown forest on business and Kirsty my wife wanted to visit 100 Acre Woods and see Pooh bridge and get some pictures of her Pooh teddy, she's had since a child, so into the woods we go with a teddy tucked away, I kid you not.
Anyways we manage to take her pictures and find our way down to the bridge, whilst taking the above pictures one of the estate workers came along and we got chatting whilst walking back up the hill (yes teddy is safe) to the car park, by the time we reached the car park he was fascinated with what we did and i noticed a pile of logs, that apparently had been cut a while back after a storm and i gingerly asked if it would be ok if i could take a couple and he agreed. 
Theses logs where ready to be removed so our luck was in that day and Kirsty's teddy had an adventure. 

Don't you just love a cute Teddy story !
Pooh Bridge, I think Kirsty's teddy is pretending to read 
The two logs have taken over a year to dry and now we've managed to stabilise them to add strength and now finally we can make a limited amount of pens
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