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supermarine seafire AND THE MATERIALS WE HAVE
This propeller looks great but sadly was left outdoors for to many years and was in a sorry state by the time we came across it as part of a job lot of aviation memorabilia from a collectors estate.   
A great film showing Seafires landing and what happens when landing  does not go to plan

The Supermarine Seafire, or Sea Spitfire (the official name), was a naval development of the Spitfire, and was the first modern carrier based fighter fielded by the Royal Navy.
 Primarily developed for carrier use, the Seafire incorporated changes such as a tail hook, attachments for catapult use, and on later variants, folding wings. 
The Seafire was not the ideal carrier fighter and especially landings were difficult; but its performance outweighed the disadvantages. 
The Seafire had a short range, but its fast climb and agility made it a very good Fleet defence fighter.

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