H.M.S Birmingham was responsible for sinking the very first ever German submarine of the First World War. 

 East of Orkney On the 9 August 1914 H.M.S Birmingham Commanded by Captain Arthur Duff  fired a salvo of six shots from the

 light cruiser's guns at U-15 while the submarine was attempting to move in for an attack.

 H.M.S Birmingham  knocked out both the periscope and conning tower of GermanU-Boat. Having done so Captain Duff issued

 the order that the cruiser be directed at the U-Boat at full speed

Turning HMS Birmingham's helm the cruiser was brought around in order that her bows faced the crippled submarine.

Thus Duff rammed the German submarine at 25 mph (40 kph), which quickly rolled over and sank, killing its crew of 23.

HMS Birmingham subsequently took part at both the Battle of Heligoland Bight and the Battle of Jutland 

After WW1 she was the flagship to the 6th light cruise squadron from 1919-1920

She continued to serve in foreign stations until she was sold in 1931 for scrap

She arrived at the yards of Ward, at Pembroke Dock on the 12th March 1931 and was broken up 

The wood we have is teak

This has come from a pair of old broken book ends made by Listers

Listers was founded by Robert Lister over 100 years ago and produced items made from Teak wood

The vast majority of Teak they used was salvaged from British warships that were being scrapped or refitted

The pieces we have include a brief decription including the aboce plaques

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